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We hope that the following resources are helpful as you plan your Habitat STW volunteer experience.

Commonly Used Habitat STW Forms

Habitat STW Volunteer Information

Opportunities for all ages to learn more about Habitat and housing

  • Read one of the children’s books produced by Habitat International: Grandpa’s Hammer, Raising the Rood, Doorway to the World, or Building Friends

  • Play SPENT  - an online game about poverty and the challenges it brings forth for each and every person. Throughout the game, players make series of decision which impacts their income. The game is from the Urban Ministries of Durham.

Opportunities for youth, under 14, to engage and volunteer with Habitat STW

Below is list of a fraction of the actives children can do to engage with Habitat STW, it just takes a little creativity. 

  • Provide and bring lunch to volunteers on the construction site.

  • Decorate candy bags with thank you messages for future volunteers.

  • Provide a prayer, national anthem, or play music at a home dedication.

  • Make announcements at your school or church to spread the message of Habitat STW

  • Create beautiful housewarming gifts for homebuyers. This can include a planter, picture frames, birdhouses, doormats and even a bench for their front porch.

  • Hold a bake sale to raise money for Habitat STW

  • Participate in Habitat’s Lent donation calendar.

  • Every time you get a new toy or article of clothing, challenge yourself to donate one of your old items to the Habitat STW ReStore.

  • Write a letter to your legislators advocating for policies that promote affordable homeownership

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