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On March 22nd, we will come together for a new event, our Community Partners Build.  Builds are “boots on the ground” opportunities to not only financially support our mission, but to literally touch and create change in our community. Supporters can be sure that their involvement will be life-changing for a local family.  For too many families, wages and housing costs are just not in sync.  The current fair market rent for even a two-bedroom apartment is $1240 in Covington, for example, which means it is out of reach for any household earning less than $50,000 per year.  Yet many of the jobs that produce goods and services that we all take for granted, that we all need for the community to thrive, simply don’t pay at that level.  And there are few good housing options for these workers. Families are left rent-burdened and unable to meet all basic needs, or living in overcrowded or substandard conditions. The need for more simple, quality, truly affordable housing remains urgent.  With your involvement, you will not only help build a house, but a future for a family. 


Participants can see exactly where their financial gift is being invested, and finish the day with something tangible to show for their effort and investment.  Build days are satisfying and fun, but so much more. The air of anticipation and energy of collective good will is inspiring and will stay with you long after the event.  You may even find yourself driving by the completed home years later and feeling pride that you helped build it.  Won’t you join us?


Our CPB homebuyer is Brandy Hasty!

Profile coming soon...

Funds raised will be invested into the Hasty family future home


Build sites can be fun!


Download the Community Partners Build 2022 Sponsor Packet. The sponsorship deadline to be included in marketing materials is March 8th. Have questions? Please contact Leighanne Weeks via email or phone at (985) 893-3172 ext 244.

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The Community Partners Build volunteer calendar can accommodate 20 volunteers per day. Volunteer dates are March 22nd – April 9th. The build days are Tuesday - Saturday, 9am-3pm. No prior experience is necessary to volunteer, just a belief in our mission and a willingness to learn.  By working alongside our homeowners and Habitat STW Site Supervisors, you'll see that your effort and experience can create a change that will be seen for generations to come. We welcome your office, group of friends or individual volunteers!


Use the PayPal link below to make your $30 volunteer donation. Once that is complete, you will receive an email confirmation from our Volunteer Coordinator to set up your volunteer date.


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